Visit to Portoviejo, Ecuador

Master trainers

EARTHSPEAK's trip to Ecuador on April 26-May 6, 2012, was its 10th and the 7th for Cindy Dobbelsteyn and Elizabeth Kay-Raining Bird, speech pathologists from Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as well as Edith Schlesinger, translator and cultural interpreter from San Francisco, CA.

The main goal of the trip was to certify Mariana Franco Quijjije, the speech therapist working with the Department of Special Education in the Richard Jobe Centre at the Rotary Club. Other goals included support of the training Mariana was delivering independently for the first time and to monitor progress of the EARTHSPEAK program in the province of Manabi.

Of the 17 children assessed during the visit, 13 were enrolled in the CORRECTIVE BABBLING speech camp, and the other were offered speech services by Mariana, another speech therapist, or the teachers.

Edith and children
Dalhousie graduate students