Visit to San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Boy waiting

On April 16, 2012, EARTHSPEAK joined its surgical partner, Interplast South, to address speech needs in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

On the first day of the visit 110 children were seen for speech review and surgery management in the beautiful, newly opened surgial suites of the Burn Unit built by the Ruth Paz Foundation. The accommodations were modern and well equipped, with plenty of room for effective teamwork.

One of the children who presented at the clinic was Edwardo Alberto, an 8-year-old with dyspraxia. Although he had been seen at a local clinic for children with speech and learning disabilities once a week since 2007, he was still unable to put two vowel sounds together. His mother had begun a college course in special education in an effort to help her son.

Edwardo's mother was offered immediate training in the EARTHSPEAK CORRECTIVE BABBLING method that has been proven to be a useful tool for children with dyspraxia. Within two days the boy was able to repeat a sequence of three vowels, and the happiness and gratitude of mother and son was inspiring and impressive. Edwardo's mother will continue in the program under the guidance of local Master Trainer Mayra Jacome.

Girls waiting
Pascuala doing triage
Waiting for triage