New site in Ecuador

New site in Ibarra, Ecuador

Ibarra, a city surrounded by snow-capped Andean peaks 2 hours out of Quito, will be the site of Earthspeak's second regional cleft palate center in Ecuador.

In March 2013 the center will begin development through a partnership with Club Rotario of Ibarra and Rostros Felices headed by Dr. Jorge Palacios of Guayaguil. Dr. Palacios and Club Rotario of Ibarra have offered surgery to the children of the area since 1990, but no speech or other cleft palate team care services have been possible until now.

A planning meeting was held in Ibarra in September 2012. The Rotary Club has begun work with Earthspeak to accomplish the detailed organization necessary for the upcoming first speech camp and professional and parent training sessions in the area.